Microsoft Silverlight

Dear .NET peoples and Microsoft lovers,

 Microsoft has released new amazing technology is called as Microsoft Silverlight.

Silverlight is a cross-browser, cross-platform plug-in for delivering the next generation of Microsoft .NET–based media experiences and rich interactive applications for the Web.

But do u know How did the name came?

                                             please read follow these lines…

source : Communitycredit 

(David Silverlight(communitycredit) met with Bill gates in Bill home)

When I met with Bill Gates a few months back, I thought that he was just kidding around. I remember the day well. I visited Bill at his home after he called me over to race one of those 34 sports cars he has in his garage. His house is as amazing as you may have heard about, when you walk in, the music is customized to your tastes… Weird Al was playing (White and Nerdy) in the background,  Videos of all the Atari 2600 games playing were shown on the walls. Even my favorite artwork was hanging (Dogs playing Poker). It was really a site to see.
We kicked back, drank a few beers, played some video games and were just chatting about the world in general. Then, of course, the conversation drifted to Microsoft and the things I was working on. He said, for all of your contributions to the development community I thought that I should honor you in some way that is way above the normal “MVP” or even “ACE Award” status. Below is a snippet of the conversation as I remember it:

Me: My instant reaction was “No way!!!, Are you going to autograph my copy of Vista?”.
Bill: Keep dreaming.
Me: “Are you going to offer me a that new “Chief Development Community Officer” position at Microsoft that I keep asking you about?” I even tried something worthy of such a role, I gave my rendition of “Developers, Developers, Developers, Developers.”
Bill: “Chief Development Community Officer”? ROFLOL(he actually pronounced ROFLOL, which made it funnier)
Me: Are you going to remove support for C# and force everybody to code in VB.NET?
Bill: Yes, but that is another conversation. Besides, you did win the race.
Me: Okay, I give up.
Bill: Good, you would never guess it anyway.
Bill: Name your favorite new technology? Any technology you like! (Now he had me really curious)
Me: Well, that is an easy one….WPF/E
Bill: Well, here it is…. We are going to name it after you!!!
Me: Microsoft David?!?!?
Bill: Even better, we are going to name it “Microsoft Silverlight”!!! Besides, remember what happened with Microsoft Bob.
Me: Wow (getting emotional). I don’t know what to say. When are you going to announce it?
Bill: May of this year.
Me: May!!!!! Can’t you do it any earlier? April, Maybe?
Bill: I will speak with the WPFE Team…or should I say the Silverlight Team and get them to move it up.
Me: Thanks, Bill

So that is the story of how Microsoft Silverlight came to be. I would like to thank everybody at the Academy, My Mom, Dad, all of the folks at Microsoft, and last but not least, Bill.

Wow, what a great honor..Go ahead David! You rocked…Fingers crossed..


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