Blank page when running ASP application in IIS

Blank page when running ASP application in IIS

Many of us have faced this issue while working on Classic ASP applications. The cause of issue is IIS configuration but developers unaware of this issue and fight with them applications.

While running ASP application below error will appear on browser.

For confirm this issue, just go to http://localhost/iisstart.asp on the particular server, If the same please continue the following…

One of the root cause of issue is IIS is prohibited for executing the scripts.

Check your IIS (Star>Run>Use ‘inetmgr’ as shortcut key to open the IIS)


Check the Web Service Extensions in your IIS, The right panel will display the Web Service Extensions and Status.


Select the required Web Service Extension and click Allow button to allow the scrips to execute.


You will get the alert message when clicking the Allow button, Select Yes and press.

Finally refresh the IIS.

Now, you can browse the same page which you had issues earlier.