Web service Testing

How to test web services easily?

I would like to suggest great open-source web services testing tool ‘SOAP UI’ from Smart Bear.

You can download it here.

Herewith I’ve provide the steps of web service testing with SOAPUI and my test web service ‘MathService’.

MathService is having only one method for testing purpose.

Deploy the Web Service.



Software Delivery Models

Software Delivery Models

Are you thinking about “How do I sell a software ?”

Software Delivery Model
1. Software Licensing Model / User Account Model
2. Open Source model
3. Outsourcing model
4. Hybrid Model
5. Hybrid+ Model
6. SaaS (software as a service) Model
7. Internet Model

again Outsourcing Model will consists of five models..

• Staff Augmentation
• Out Tasking
• Project Based Outsourcing
• Managed Services
• Build Operate Transfer